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Location Dasht Arjan, Fars Province, Iran

Shandiz Abshar Restaurant of Dasht-e Arzhan Time-Laps Video

Shandiz Abshar Restaurant, located in the tourist area of ​​Dasht Arjan, Fars Province of Iran, about seventy kilometers far from Shiraz. The restaurant has an enchanting, pleasurable and unique environment, with the highest ambient waterfall of 136 meters, providing guests and travelers with the best menu of gourmet and memorable quality food accompanied by live music.

From 12:00 noon to midnight, the restaurant is ready to serve at the pleasant penthouses along the waterfalls and streams of water with a lush view of beautiful trees and flowers.

In this restaurant, you can order a variety of grills, along with other tasty foods, as well as salmon, which have grown in this fishy pond.

The Shandiz Cascade's experienced and skilled staff and managerial staff cater to the warm and welcoming hospitality of your guests.

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